Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine services offered in San Diego, La Mesa and Chula Vista, CA

Regenerative medicine relieves your pain in the best way possible: By tapping into your body’s natural ability to heal. The team at Sage Pain & Wellness Institute specializes in regenerative medicine, using the latest technology to harvest healing cells. Then the cells become treatments that speed up healing even when you have a severe injury or slow-healing condition. To learn how these therapies may help you, call the office in San Diego, La Mesa, or Chula Vista, California, or request an appointment online today.

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine, also called orthobiologics, uses the healing cells naturally found in your body as a treatment to alleviate pain and accelerate healing. These cellular therapies are typically safe because they come from your body, carrying no risk for rejection or infection.

You can benefit from cellular treatments when you have a severe injury or the injured tissues are healing too slowly due to a limited blood supply. Regenerative medicine supports orthopedic conditions affecting the muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bones. 

What type of regenerative medicine is platelet-rich plasma (PRP)?

PRP consists of platelets and plasma taken from a sample of your blood. When you’re injured, platelets travel through your bloodstream to the area and release growth factors. The growth factors communicate with the nearby cells, triggering healing activities such as: 

  • Recruiting stem cells to the area
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Stimulating new blood vessel growth
  • Supporting new cell growth

Your provider uses real-time imaging to inject PRP into the injured tissues, allowing the platelets to immediately send out their growth factors and accelerate healing. 

What type of regenerative medicine is bone marrow concentrate (BMC)?

Bone marrow is the soft tissue in the center of your bones. The marrow is filled with adult stem cells that self-replicate and grow into many types of new cells, including red and white blood cells, muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bone.

The team at Sage Pain & Wellness Institute uses a hollow needle to remove bone marrow from one of your large bones — often the hip. Then they use a centrifuge to process the bone marrow, separating the stem cells from the rest of the tissues.

Your provider injects the prepared stem cells, and they start the process of rebuilding tissues, promoting healing, easing pain, and improving function. In some cases, BMC injections may slow down the progression of degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis. 

What conditions does regenerative medicine treat?

Sage Pain & Wellness Institute uses PRP and BMC to address many conditions, including:

  • Osteoarthritis and joint pain
  • Tendonitis and tendinosis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Fractures that don’t heal
  • Torn and herniated discs
  • Labral tears (shoulder and hip)
  • Partial tendon tears
  • Ligament sprains and tears
  • Cartilage injuries
  • Meniscus tears
  • Muscle strains
  • Nerve inflammation
  • Plantar fasciitis

Many people find that regenerative medicine helps them avoid surgery.

To learn more about regenerative medicine, call Sage Pain & Wellness Institute or book an appointment online today.